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Books By Dr. Edmond Fernandes ISBN: 9381440158 ISBN: 9381440158 ISBN: 9381440158 Buy Now Working with
the United
Working with the United Nations agencies has enabled the push for greater reform and transformation in the spheres of public policy and global public health. Dr. Edmond has worked with agencies like UNICEF, WHO, UNESCAP and UNDP in building the greater and more effective mandate for transformational governance.

Dr. Edmond Fernandes has addressed the UN agencies in New York, In Tokyo and at Bangkok during different functions.
Building public
health systems
in India
Public Health Systems not being mainstreamed in India since Independence has been a real challenge for India. Dr. Edmond Fernandes understands this well and hence through CHD Group and soliciting Government support has been championing the needs of vulnerable communities across the length and breadth of India. Dr. Edmond has been changing thousands and thousands of lives through public service and community leadership everyday.
On ground for the most vulnerable and the poor True development is that which caters to the poorest of the poor. In ensuring the fruits of development reach the poor, the Dr. Edmond Fernandes has worked with great speed and scale . Fostering Global Health Diplomacy around the world A better future for a one health planet lies in strengthening global health diplomacy. COVID-19 Pandemic has exposed the need to build resilient nations and lessons from the United States of America, India, Brazil, United Kingdom and other countries provide learning curves of what can be done to improve and reimagine public health around the world. Strengthening community development Community Development has been a natural instinct of Dr. Fernandes where he has worked hard through public service in building emergent leadership through local development and transformational policies in public life. As a practicing preventive health specialist and family physician, Dr. Edmond has linked his work to build communities and promote social health to secure a meaningful future. Dr Edmond Fernandes CHD Group HHA Course Creating social
impact in India
When Corporate India supports Dr. Edmond Fernandes to create meaningful social impact, the people’s aspirations get achieved and dreams get realized. Dr. Edmond puts evidence based public policies in place to translate theoretical frameworks in grassroot level development. This emergent leadership is the fruit of a vision carried by Dr. Edmond to leave no one behind. Dr. Edmond Fernandes has been scaling up this vision to motivate corporate companies to support wider public health engagements across the country in enabling the Government of India to achieve sustainable development goals in a structured manner.
Dr. Edmond at the Vision Workshop by Chandigarh Administration and UNDP Dr. Edmond at the vision Chandigarh meeting dr edmond and chd group Dr. Edmond Fernandes,
Founder & CEO, CHD Group,
India Country Office
Dr. Edmond Fernandes at his
clinic at Mangalore
American diplomats and
Dr Edmond
Chief Minister Kumaraswamy with CHD Group CEO and team Dr. Edmond with Chief Minister
of Karnataka Shri. Kumaraswamy
At the United Nations Regional
Dr. Edmond Fernandes, CEO, CHD Group with Mangalore Top Cops With Mangalore City Police
At Capitol Hill with US
House of Representatives
Dr Edmond at the Indian Embassy
in Spain with the Charge d'Affaires

Working with CHD Group

CHD Group is India’s leading global public health organization working with Governments, United Nations Agencies and Corporate companies
"Fond recollection of historical times, serves to remind us that healthcare is integral to human survival. The problem of hubris & special interests stops the speedy progress of healthcare around the world. Healthcare by all governments must be looked upon with sanctimonious reverence, because healthcare alone is responsible for the column of human progress in manifold ways."
Dr Edmond Fernandes
Dr Edmond Fernandes


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