Vision :-

To create a visible difference for those who are victims of time & circumstance, through my work
and not through my words.


To embrace a community called mankind and channel my energies to contribute a new Health order which we can all leave better than what we inherited.

Signature Statement:-

” To think like a wild butterfly which spreads its wing on a bright morning in spring, to appreciate
the world go by, to create the meaning of life rather than to find it, to right a wrong, to defend
the weak, to encourage the not so motivated and bring out the best in them and to do something
worth writing about, also to write something worth reading about. Honor, Love, Humanity. For
a Nation to Rejoice “

Current Affairs and Engagements
Founder & CEO, CHD Group - Center for Health and Development (R)
Member, Health Task Force, District Disaster Management Authority, Government of Karnataka
US Department of State's Legislative Fellow 2017.
Global Health Focus, The Times of India
Member, Swacch Mangaluru Task Force, Mangaluru City Corporation, Government of Karnataka