"Early enough I had seen it, that our country is perhaps the only one in the world which gives anyone a chance to rise up in life, no matter who he was, what he does, what his aspirations are and where he comes from.

I began following regular watch dog debates on issues of national and international relevance although it was very much outside my purview of medical curriculum just to understand what happened in my neighborhood and how it was perceived by different elite of class.

I started engaging with leaders, religious, academicians and journalists early enough to understand the complexities involved in the making of the world's largest democracy. After spending 18 years in Mumbai - a mega city, moving to a tier two city was challenging and satisfying. From not knowing anyone, I slowly started discovering a powerful world that originates in Mangalore and trickles down to different corners of the earth. Language was the major concern which eventually is being bridged. Day by day in spite of academic compulsions, I stretched to its very limits the task to create value proposition for life that existed. I also began discovering how my aspiration fits into the big picture of young Indians.

We as citizens will need to participate heavily to change New Delhi's traditional approach of conducting the nation's business and we will have to rise beyond race and ideological differences and unite for common good. I am convinced we are more united than what the media portrays, we are more powerful than what the pundits believe, we are the next infinity inside out. We are the Republic of India.

If you share the broad vision outlined, join me in the work at hand."

An Indian Journey

The Early years

Spending the prime time of his boyish years of school in Mumbai then erstwhile Bombay, Dr Edmond reflects about a time in life when hockey stick and football was closer than country and service. Walking through the by lanes of Bombay, a city of dreams where multitude come to realize their dreams, destiny had other plans, a calling very clear.

While in class three, Edmond's parents decided to shift to Singapore to join school there and to live life ever after. But then something binded them together to remain back in India. Perhaps this strengthened the bond of hearts with India and Indian Nationalism.

Moving on he abandoned games and moved to academics which lead him to become a medical doctor. Since his undergraduate medical days, he was obsessed with community work, socially and medically. He naturally engaged with different communities and tried to understand their problems.

He enjoyed tangible success by engaging with college youth in confronting issues of Health care and by cultivating the spirit of volunteering. It is with these young turks that I began to recognize a world beyond myself, he recalls. As a young medical undergraduate his early authoring a book catapulted him into a different league of writers and furthered his hobby for medical journalism and bolstered his already powerful approach. He remains by far a do it yourself concept and his strong commitment to public service pushes him to engage with society through deeds and words together.

Passion not experience remains the tune of the day.
Commitment not talks is the asset most appreciated.
Togetherness not divide is an assurance most cherished.

Vision for India and the world

The center of world attraction is shifting towards India and we are at an exciting point in history. The work there is to perform in order to address India's concerns in the 21st century calls for a partnership in unison. It calls for a new vision of Indian leadership and refined approach to engage with a world beyond.

Whether its malnutrition or whether its cross border terrorism, whether its corruption or whether it’s drug trafficking, whether it's rape or whether it's murder, the threats we face together is more than the differences we assume to have. This is not an individual battle, but a united fight only to be won-together.

Many youth avoid voting, but I would recommend this is a mistake we should not make. Let us not retreat or bully it into submission, but let us make our voices heard. Let us participate in that very moment of history by coming together to meet our common challenges and to defeat our common threats.

Let us spare time from our digital jet age schedule to reach out to people, to be more sensitive, to be more compassionate and to be more prudent. Let us become a guiding lamp for those who wish to shine through our very shoulders.

India has evolved from being a land of snake charmers and dowry deaths to a land which now send people to moon and inspires diverse cultures. United by an ancient civilization, the idea of India has sustained today by a pluralistic democracy and spirit of tolerance. We have moved from the gurukool system of education to be a Ipad generation sooner than expected.

Let us seize this moment, it is our moment to lead and tell the world we have arrived. There is no better time than now. Let our love for India unfold as the nationalism of an idea.

Our concerns will be met together and addressed. Let this be the time when we offer to the world a renewed India which paves way for generations to come to find meaning, opportunity, freedom and experience the love and warmth at our doorstep that they will never be able to find in other corridors of the world.Jai Hind.