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The Times of India nicknames Dr Edmond Fernandes as a Leader in the making

For having demonstrated exceptional courage, a zeal for social development, a passion to making medicine a field that can be more valuable and more accessible to the global community, India’s largest news daily, The Times of India featured an exclusive story written by Journalist Rekha Kavoor and named Dr. Edmond Fernandes a Leader in the making. First published in print edition on 25th November, 2011, back then Dr. Edmond Fernandes was a third year MBBS student in medical school.

Dr. Edmond Fernandes has since then, been engaged in community development and leadership in developing constructive public health initiatives that has give Indians a creative role in growth.

The Times of India story is a testament of Emergent Leadership in frontiers of medicine and public health interests. Dating back in 2011, in a time trend forward, the story written then, comes across as the making of a prophecy foretold.

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