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Urban Health | Emerging public health perspectives

A perfect collection that builds our understanding of how cities will determine human health and well-being. As COVID-19 reshapes global public health, the scientific temperament of how this would play out for various health determinants remains to be thought through. This book on Urban Health puts forth a need for a new algorithm that can influence risk informed planning to secure urban futures and urban disease dynamics.

Rich with contributions around the world, this will teach us a new thinking that will need to be put in place to prepare a new generation more rapidly which faces extreme risks and thereby align policies that mature from a sustainable stand-point.

The Editors of this book are two of the most prominent personalities of public health in India and across the region. Dr. Edmond Fernandes is with CHD Group at Mangalore and Dr. Indu Grewal is with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India at New Delhi


Small Things That Matter Much

This was the first book written by Dr. Edmond Fernandes. Media houses arguably called him Mangalore’s youngest author then. Small Things That Matter Much brings about reflections from a young mind who envisions a world filled with love, grace and affection and what we can do to keep it that way. 

Handbook on Workplace Diplomacy

This book is a must read for everyone working in corporate circles, universities and government establishments. Teaches you the art of workplace diplomacy. The book is issued free now by Dr Edmond Fernandes as an e-book as a mark of benevolence for public good and for the spirit of human diplomacy. 


Written by Dr. Edmond Fernandes

Urban Health | Emerging public health perspectives

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