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The UPSC Extra Attempt is a true ask and the Govt of India must agree

UPSC aspirants are among the most hard-working, talented minds of India. COVID-19 has presented an unprecedented challenge for human kind, not just in India but around the world.

As a nation, it is the duty of the Government to support the aspirations of thousands of UPSC aspirants who put their heart and soul into preparing for this competitive examination. There are ample of positions vacant and the only ask from the Government is to provide an opportunity to write the exam as an extra attempt as many of them have gone through series of hardships due to COVID-19 uncertainties, many of those who lost their near and dear ones.

6 Ways in which the Govt of India will benefit:

  1. Injecting fresh talent and fresh energies to shape India’s growth in a post COVID-19 world.
  2. To bring in a new perspective into governance that has not been seen before.
  3. To fill up vacant positions and to restructure existing ones to suit India’s challenges in a post COVID-19 era.
  4. To build a robust and resilient central bureaucratic system that is largely responsible to hold India together in a complex democracy.
  5. To create new employment opportunities
  6. To encourage and enkindle young minds to make their mark in the sunshine.

The Government of India must immediately consider this request as an appeal from the people of India and must provide a date for UPSC extra attempt.

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