Month: September 2019

India’s health ministry must make ban on smoking a personal cause

The recent ban on e-cigarettes has been the talk that hover’s around every conversation in the public health and public policy space. While it emerges as a strong initiative and a bold step, India’s health ministry must ban smoking in …

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In defense of Bishop Derek – Belagavi

There was a recent furore with regard to the saffron robe being worn by the Bishop of Belagavi who embraced the roots of being Indian and termed it inculturation. The opinions got divided and the Church in India remained perplexed …

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How Punjab will lose a generation to drugs

Drug business brings a turnover of over $500 billion, only next to petroleum and arms trade. Over 190 million people all over consume drugs and the consequence of this falls directly on society, neighbourhood and families.

The drug addicts turning …

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10 things north Indians must learn from south Indians

  1. South India is not Madras and is culturally diverse, geographically magnificent and linguistically multi-lingual. Madras is nothing but an emotion. We do not speak only Hindi.
  2. Paratha for breakfast ! We offer more than a stuffed paratha. You can eat
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