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Global health is global wealth: Our world

I returned recently from my trip in the EU region furthering healthcare agenda in length and breadth in selected nations to build a more inclusive co-operation. On the other end, the world also witnessed the conclusion of different programs like the World Health Summit, Symposiums held in other parts of Europe as well. In principle, efforts of this nature will only serve to strengthen the space of public health, when carried out with the right intentions. Healthcare has been seen through many lens’. Some champion insurance, some champion welfare schemes for free health, some champion health systems strengthening, but what simply must be championed is individual responsibility towards healthcare. Global health diplomacy is orchestrated in bits and pieces with isolated efforts which never really connect the
threads wider than necessary.

I am a believer in the fact that global health is global wealth and individuals matter topropel the progress of our world.

Think about it, centuries have come and gone, yet healthcare has always remained the centrepiece of human race and the need of the column of progress. All the innovations that ever happened, all the budgets that ever were passed, all the parliaments that ever sat, all the kings that ever reigned and all the wonders that
ever were built, put together have not affected the life of man upon this earth as powerfully as has Healthcare.

Yet there have not been easy answers, with changing disease dynamics, social determinants as a concerted challenge and a world that gets closer. Never before in history have connectivity and cultural mixes been this close as it is now, that is why every individual matters in the run up towards healing our world and influencing change everyday.

Your every action to drink more water, to walk a bit more, to reduce smart-phone screen time and have more face-time, to engage in small pep talks and to do something for others goes a big way in adding more smiles and adding life into the years we live. That’s why you matter in our world.

Global health discussions can range from historical perspectives since the time of Hippocrates, to the time the world got its first public health act in England, to also more real game changers like blood grouping, organ transplants and simply making old age more simpler. Nevertheless, what makes global health more interesting is the manner in which the baggage of past diseases will run parallel to the baggage of new ones mixed with a cocktail of artificial intelligence, robotics and big data which is the future of healthcare, though aspirational in most countries around the world.

As we move forward, it is necessary to reach out to more partners in the healthcare sector, to invest more sincerely with a sense of giving, to encourage and build levels of leadership as we continue to rediscover medicine and strengthen governmental and institutional mechanisms to deliver, to build a more inclusive world on the concept of We than of Me, always and change human destinies forever.



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