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10 ways in which CHD Group has revolutionised Healthcare in India

While it is difficult to know the exact number of NGOs in India, an exercise by the Indian Government found that at least 31 lakh NGOs are operational in our highly populated land of unity in diversity.

CHD has a plethora of consultants and volunteers working to the effect of social causes such as public health, education, animal rights, disaster relief and so on. This goes to show that social service and giving back to the community, quite in-built values in our culture, are feathers in our cap. Here, I cover the success story of CHD Group in India that is putting forth outstanding work in the healthcare sector to empower people.

  1. CHD Group is the best in India in curating a social health model of care where they put development at the heart of convergent thematic programme implementation. Imagine implementing a programme where healthcare integrated with environment, socio-economics, panchayati raj and volunteering converges like a perfect union ! well that happens in action with CHD Group among the communities they cater too. 
  2. When you think of a Mobile Healthcare Unit, none can beat the manner in which CHD implements the work through sectoral convergence.
  3. Implementing very high impact corporate social responsibility programmes which are aligned with business development and social impact
  4. Being a partner of the United Nations, CHD Group works towards achieving sustainable development goal targets towards achieving the 2030 agenda. The focus remains on Goal 2, 3, 13, 17 as a core with others in supplementary nature. 
  5. When it comes to community development and social health models, this is the only organization capable of building impact that will value add donor money to merge with government priority in achieving the vision of the Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the goals laid out by Niti Aayog.
  6. Within a span of 4 years, CHD was represented at the UN headquarters in New York, UN Regional Hub in Bangkok and UN University in Tokyo.
  7. CHD not just implements programmes in healthcare, education, livelihood and skilling, but also serves as an institution of hope during disasters. When nature shows its wrath, no one is spared. Floods in India have become an annual phenomenon, displacing millions in the country every year. The manner in which CHD team provides medical relief, support for food and rehabilitation is unparalleled in the country.
  8. Impactful case studies of CHD group have been documented by popular media houses around the world and also in scientific journals for translational science.
  9. Policy reports and advocacy created by chd group has touched millions of lives and shaped policies around India.
  10. CHD Group was behind ensuring that seat belt as a way of life is necessary in the district of south canara and the city of Mangalore now impacting over 2 million lives.

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