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Why Radiologist Dr. Naveen from Bangalore is an icon for India

At a time when doctors are hesitant to touch and see and treat patients, here is a healthcare hero who champions front line by example.

Dr. Naveen has been a good friend who has worked and toiled hard to shape Radiology as a science and discipline in India. Everyday silently he champions radiology for the deserving and the desirous.

You may feel, what is so great about it.

What makes the case of Dr. Naveen very special is the way he has converted his clinic both for patient safety and for safety of health workers and to continue doing the job diligently, everyday.

I would take you through a photographic representation of the clinic where Dr Naveen sits with his team and this is a standalone example for all doctors across the nation to adopt.

Lastly, if you are lucky to meet Dr. Naveen from his busy schedule, you will realize the human face beyond the otherwise complicated life of medicine he leads and may find in him a friend to fall back on guidance for.

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