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Managing COVID-19 by hullabaloo

My colleagues have stopped visiting their clinics, may not be all, but good many of them. Civilians are in a perplexed situation hearing different political notes on COVID-19, many of them turn to Whatsapp University and facebook to imbibe their learning on what needs to be done for COVID-19. Different state governments in India are responding to the call of second wave based on their own assessment and wisdom. While people blame each other, and while most of them blame the leadership at different levels, it is the easiest thing to do. Because, leading calls for accepting blame. After all, it’s the same very people who voted them to power.

Interestingly vaccines haven’t been impressive enough and there is no transparency related to vaccine induced deaths and adverse reaction from vaccine.  So much of what remains in public domain now is hullabaloo. Treatment pattern is passed by neighbours, quacks have started promoting their healing agendas and misinformation governed by panic has reigned supreme.

In the end, there must be a simple acceptance of this fact that, if we are unwilling to wear a mask and follow COVID-19 appropriate behaviour, let us be willing to sacrifice our life without blaming anyone. Additionally, seeking the right treatment at the right time, under the right guidance is also much necessary. It is okay to follow your traditional medicine therapies, but ensure that you don’t lose out due to too much delay.

Wear a mask, a good mask, in a proper way at least out of respect for others. Can we do this much for some more time, till COVID-19 ends ?

Will it end, yes it will. When? Anybody’s guess.

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  1. JD

    Very true. We must
    wear a mask and follow COVID-19 appropriate behaviour. Simple methods are neglected and then people pay the price for negligence.

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