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Of resignation, lockdown and Gods: Random rambling

God + edmond + opinion

Ever wondered why possibly the Gods’ have deserted a God loving nation which would attribute their life for religion, base their political leanings on religion, be consumed into a race of religion, would kill in name of religion yet find their meaning, existence and sustenance?

As I sit forth watching the method in madness adapted for controlling coronavirus, I come across videos on how religion finds therapeutic value in treating COVID-19, how surge in cases is attributed to religion by a blinded nation which wishes to blame everything under the sun, but will never give up on over-crowding, will never stop visiting places where they would otherwise visit every Sunday, Friday, Tuesday and Saturdays’.

Mind you, I am not anti-God, I am a firm believer, who choses to accept a reality that human race is faced with, and find solutions through science in combating it.

The news paper flashes another story saying health minister of one country and other resigns accepting moral responsibility.

I am reading now that CDC early team has resigned. But in India, resignation of those responsible for this mess is unheard of. Infact they will also defend why what happens and connect with it absurd beliefs that will take you back to the stone ages, and also make you feel its so beautifully true.

Yes, an ever-changing science in COVID-19 may mis-calculate probabilities. Naturally then those who got their science wrong and gave epidemiological predictions that sent people into distress and despair, must now own up and resign? at least for integrity sake?

So to protect your absolute failure, impose a lockdown, put the middle class into distress, paralyze the life of the class which cannot voice, and enjoy your evening with the top class.

To change this, start thinking, ask questions, listen more and respond less, act more and react less, promote talent, not hatred, say no to venomous people, haven’t you seen them? they appear in your whatsapp forwards, they appear on your TV screens, on your facebook posts, they appear on your dinner table dialogues.

Still you are unable to see? Then you belong to a tribe where there are those who have eyes, but cannot see, have ears, but cannot hear, have a tongue, but cannot speak.

Think again. Who are you, what defines your values and what makes you who you are. Nothing else matters. We haven’t survived a virus. We haven’t defeated death. We know nothing, and that’s the truth.

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