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Why India needs more educated professionals to become a superpower

“We gave unto ourselves the constitution, but not the ability to nurture it, We suffer and endure to the tunes of politicians across parties, but fail to appreciate our own power, We inherited a magnificent gift of nature, intellect and culture, but are losing the wisdom to cherish it.”                  Dr. Edmond Fernandes

In a nuclear age, India offers an alternative. An alternative of peaceful co-existence, an alternative of genius like intellect, an alternative of meaningful diplomacy at a world stage.

But within India, the time has arrived for smart men and women to dawn the baton of politics to run the nation.

The nation built by the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Ambedkar, Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru was a nation of lightning affection with inclusivity and also a genius matched by few around the world. Today we have politicians across rank and files, cutting across state and central positions who are interested in self gain and less to do with countrymen.

The media in the country has lost their soul and only ordinary citizens now remain the gatekeepers of freedom, integrity and power. If ever, you feel that ordinary citizens have failed the Constitution, it is important to believe that chosen public representatives have failed the Constitution, Political parties have failed the Constitution.

Hence, educated professionals must run for Parliamentary Elections, for Legislative Assemblies and Councils, for City local bodies, not leave the elections in the hands of charlatans who have no idea about sustainable development, public health and policies and cannot understand scientific temper. Our Constitution was created under the framework that our citizens especially the smartest and well informed and educated ones would take active and continuous part in public life. Reclaiming the Indian dream means that professionals will need to run for elections, disrupt the normal class of politicians banking on divide and rule, us and them, one party or another.

Political debates must revolve around, measurable indicators of progress supported by evidence-based data analytics, not by emotional analytics.

It is only then that we as stakeholders and guardians of this nation will emerge as a supreme power.

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